Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

The amount of information available on the internet, while very useful to our daily lives, can also become an individual’s nightmare. Many states have recently enacted laws mandating that all mugshots be displayed through a public database. These databases are typically run by the Sheriffs office in the county where the arrest occurred.

Though these databases don’t usually generate a lot of traffic, the mugshots and the arrest profiles are retrieved by privately owned and operated mugshot websites which widely disseminate this information. The embarrassment and harm done by these websites can be devastating.

Everyday  over 100,000 mugshots are instantly  loaded onto the internet from police databases.  Most of the time these mugshots are loaded over and over and over again on new mugshot websites that our popping up everyday.  


Remove My MugshotUpfront Reputations Proprietary Mugshot Removal Process:


Step 1: Identify All Mugshots By Searching the Entire Database (Over 15,000 Mugshot Websites).

Step 2: Remove All Mugshots From Mugshot Websites Directly, (Not All Mugshot Websites Accept Money For Removal). 

Step 3: Create Positive Content & Images About You That You Want To Show Up On Google, Bing & Yahoo When People Google Your Name.

Step 4: Submit This Content to Hundreds of Thousands of Locations Around The Web.  

Step 5: Using Our Proprietary System; We Attack The Links of The Negative Content Until They Are Diminished & Inner Link All Positive Content & Images Making It More Relevant To The Search Engines Until We Lock The First Page, Preventing Future Attacks. 


Removing your image directly from the selected mugshot websites that currently have your image is only a temporary fix to a permanent problem. How do you know when another guy in a basement is going to come up with the same brilliant idea to make money from your mistakes?  Upfront Reputations attacks from problem at the root by removing your mugshots from being seen on Google.   We make sure that only positive content shows up on the first page of Google, Yahoo & Bing when people type in your name. 

Upfront are experts in reputation management. We will remove the mugshot from the source, resulting in the mugshot ‘s removal from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other major search engines. But we don’t stop there, we will also LOCK the first page of Google with positive content to prevent the negative content from coming back.


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